Getting Started

Create Your First Project

A Project is basically a folder for all your documents. Creating one is easy. Login and click the green folder button in the top right. Give your project the following values:

nameThis is just a name for the folder
descriptionThis description is purely for you. Not published in the site.
urlThis is the url prefix for the document url.

Create Your First Document

After you've created your first Project, open the folder by clicking the green folder button on the Project card. To create a document click the green document plus button on the bottom right of the Project page. This will create and open a new document inside your new project. Give the document at least the following values.

nameThis is used in the document navbar unless you override it with the frontmatter setting title
urlThis is the url prefix for the document url.

Type markdown into the editor and click the publish button to publish the Markdown Space Site.

Add Frontmatter To Customize Your Site

Frontmatter is special text you add to the front of your document that allows you to add things to your site like: a navbar, and a theme. All the available options are documented here.