Frontmatter Documentation

Option NameAvailable Values
titleAny text you want to override the default title
navbartrue | false (default)
navbarThemelight | dark | primary
navbarLogoThe url of a logo for your navbar
navbarLinkThe url you want your navbar logo to link to
themeCerulean | Cosmo | Cyborg | Darkly | Flatly | Journal | Litera | Lumen | Lux | Materia | Minty | Morph | Pulse | Quartz | Sandstone | Simplex | Sketchy | Slate | Solar | Spacelab | Superhero | United | Vapor | Yeti | Zephyr | (Or you can pass a url to a customized version of bootstrap v5)
codeThemeFull List of Themes - only use the name without the ".css". For example: "monokai", "atom-one-dark" (default), or "base16/atlas"
overrideNavLinksA yaml array where each object in the array has href and text

Example Document With Frontmatter

        navbar: true
        navbarTheme: dark
        theme: cyborg
        title: Example Title
            - href: /#
              text: Jump to Top
    ☝️Above this line is frontmatter that configures the Markdown Space Site Builder.
    # Example Heading
    Markdown content continues down here!