Frontmatter Documentation

Option NameAvailable Values
titleAny text you want to override the default title
descriptionAny text you want for the seo description
faviconurl of a favicon image
navbartrue, false (default)
navbarThemelight, dark, primary
navbarLogoThe url of a logo for your navbar
navbarLinkThe url you want your navbar logo to link to
navbarDocumentLinksInclude document header elements as links within the navbar
navbarAutoLinksAutomatically link to other documents in your project
themeCerulean, Cosmo, Cyborg, Darkly, Flatly, Journal, Litera, Lumen, Lux, Materia, Minty, Morph, Pulse, Quartz, Sandstone, Simplex, Sketchy, Slate, Solar, Spacelab, Superhero, United, Vapor, Yeti, Zephyr, (Or you can pass a url to a stylesheet and override bootstrap)
codeThemeFull List of Themes - only use the name without the ".css". For example: "monokai", "atom-one-dark" (default), or "base16/atlas"
overrideNavLinksA yaml array where each object in the array has href and text
mdx true | false (default)
autoclassesobject with keys for html element name and string value for the classes to automatically be applied to those elements
headAppendPut any html you want to append to the head of the site
bodyAppendPut any html you want to append to the body of the site
headPrependPut any html you want to prepend to the head of the site
bodyPrependPut any html you want to prepend to the body of the site
reactVersion18.2.0 (default) the react version you want to use

Example Document With Frontmatter

        navbar: true
        navbarTheme: dark
        theme: cyborg
        title: Example Title
            - href: /#
              text: Jump to Top
    ☝️Above this line is frontmatter that configures the Markdown Space Site Builder.
    # Example Heading
    Markdown content continues down here!

Example Document With MDX

    navbar: true
    mdx: true

  import { Button } from ''
export const handlClick = () => alert('hello world')

  # Demo MDX

  <Button color="primary" onClick={handleClick}>Click Me</Button>