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What is Markdown Space?

Markdown Space is a platform for building web pages with markdown - like this one. This page was written in markdown inside the Markdown Space editor. It was served to you from the Cloudflare Supercloud. These sites load FAST. There are some html elments on this page. Those were added in the Markdown Space editor also. This page was customized with Markdown Space's frontmatter API which allows you to easily do things like: theme the page, or add a navbar 😎

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Markdown Space is free?

Yes! You can use Markdown Space to store markdown files and host websites totally free. We only charge a monthly fee for Markdown Space Plus which gives you more advanced featrues like AI content generation, increased file storage, or a custom domain for your site.

What's Markdown Space Plus?

Markdown Space Plus is a $5/month (or $55/year) subscription that you can add to any project to enable features like: custom domain, increased file storage, and AI content generation. Your custom domain will get all the advantages of the Cloudflare Supercloud ⚡

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